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The Whole Tea

I am a childcare professional offering childcare and educational services for families and local organizations in the greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and surrounding areas. I utilize a childcare model that focuses on child and social skill development while teaching new skills. Certified in First Aid and CPR, I have a dedication to creating safe, inclusive and engaging learning environments for all children.

I am a native of Cincinnati, where even as a child, felt a passion for advocating for children and providing educational assistance. I volunteered my time, mentored students, and organized and promoted fundraisers for the special education department of my local high school.

Upon graduation from high school, I enrolled at Northern Kentucky University, majoring in Early Childhood education to pursue of my dreams of becoming an educator. While at Northern Kentucky University, I founded and implemented an organization entitled “What Makes You Beautiful”, which was geared to raise awareness for individuals with disabilities. 

Even though I faced many challenges and life obstacles along my journey to becoming an educator, I did not stop pursuing my dreams in the field of education and childcare. I was employed as a part time sitter, while attending Northern Kentucky University, and completed a volunteer program with AMERICORPS vista, which implemented strategic planning to increase Kindergarten readiness in local area child care centers. 

I acquired my first full time nanny share family and through that connection, would later found my own organization, Nanny McTea Sitters LLC, where I began helping families with child care assistance and nanny placements services. Currently, I am well known as “Nanny McTea” in the local community and offers services as a full time nanny, ,nanny placement services and event childcare. 

I hope to continue to exhibit a “servant’s heart” as I pursue my aspirations of establishing and operating her own school and childcare center, as a part of my next chapter and contribution in the educational system.  

Nannyplooza Speaker

October 2022

I inspired, motivated, and encouraged caregivers to have fun while increasing the amount of learning while using household products to create a safe, fun, and stimulating learning environment for kids of all ages.

International Nanny Training Day Speaker

April 2022

I shared valuable tips to help caregivers avoid burnout to allow longevity within the childcare professional field. Encouraged, motivated, and inspired ideas in which caregivers can avoid burnout.

Event Childcare Coordinator

May 2019

I manage staff, equipment & children for the events held by the Cradle Cincinnati Branch of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. University of Cincinnati Black Excellence office, and multiple church services.

Private Nanny

Babbar Family 
January 2021 - Present

My daily duties include providing a safe, fun environment for a 19 month old. Including preparing healthy meals throughout the day along with family meals when time allows. Encouraging independent and appropriate age level play. Plan play dates or local outing field trips.

Newborn Care Specialist

Kunnether Family 
November 2021 - March 2019
November 2018 -  March 2019

This overnight position from the hours of  9pm - 6 am. My duties include handling all nighttime feedings, diapering and fussy moments. I clean and prep bottles. I help with the infant laundry.

Private Nanny

Wuellner Family 
August 2019 - October 2020

This part time position was to help assist a Hyde Park family of 6.  The kids ages were 6 months, 4, 7, 8. My primary care regarded the 6 month old. Additional duties including picking the 4 year old up from pre school along with the 7 and 8 year olds from school. I would assist the family with meal preparation along with grocery pick up.

Private Nanny Share

Pusateri & Steedman Family
August 2016 - May 2019

Nanny Share position working with two Northern Kentucky Families. kids aged 4 months, 2, 2, 5. My primary care was to the infant and toddlers as the 5 year old was in kindergarten during the day.

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